If you could not come to the International Seminar on Policy Diffusion or you came and want to remember something that was said during the event, dont worry!
Here you will find the videos from every panel held during the Seminar. We will post videos periodically, untill the last one, that should be available this August.
Check out the first panel “The field of Policy Diffusion: where are we?” with Osmany Porto de Oliveira, Leslie Pal and Patrick Hassenteufel.
“Policy diffusion from a national level” with  Milton Rondó Filho, Marcos Lopes, Karen Fernandez Costa (Unifesp), Carlos Aurélio Pimenta de Faria (Puc-Minas)

“Politics of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America” with Carlos Aurélio Pimenta de Faria (PUC-Minas), Cristiane Kerches (EACH-USP Leste), Cecilia Osorio Gonnet (Universidad Alberto Hurtado) and Maria Clara Oliveira (DCP-USP/CEM)

“International Institutions and Policy Diffusion” , with Cecilia Osorio (Univerisdad Aberto Hurtado), Kurt Mettenheim (FGV-EAESP), Nordin Lazreg (Université de Montréal) and Gustavo Macedo (DCP-USP)

“Challenges of policy transfer and international cooperation” with Vera Schattan Coelho (CEBRAP/UFABC), Alex Shankland and Jennifer Constantine (IDS – University of Sussex), Melissa Pomeroy and Bianca Suyama (ONG Articulação Sul), and Danilo Marcondes de Souza Neto (University of Cambridge)

“Policy diffusion research: where we are going?” with Osmany Porto de Oliveira (CEBRAP/Unifesp), Kurt Weyland (University of Texas in Austin), Carlos Aurélio Pimenta de Faria (Puc-Minas) and Leslie Pal (Uversity of Carleton)

“Municipal innovations and policy diffusion”, with Sergio Montero (Universidade de los Andes), Ryan O. Centner (London School of Economics) and Gabriel Silvestre (University College London), moderated by Eduardo Marques (Centro de Estudos da Metrópole/USP)

“The diffusion of Social Movements”, with Angela Alonso (CEBRAP/USP) and Esther Solano (Unifesp), moderated by Osmany Porto de Oliveira (Cebrap/Unifesp)

“Governos Subnacionais e Difusão de Políticas Públicas”, com Fernando Santomauro (Prefeitura de Guarulhos ), Luciano Jurcovichi Costa (Prefeitura de Osasco) e Jennifer Constantine (Institute of Development Studies/University of Sussex), moderação pela Professora Gabriela de Brelàz (Unifesp-Osasco)

“Social Participation and Policy Diffusion”, with Gabriela De Brelàz (EPPEN-Unifesp), Vanessa Rodrigues (IESP/UERJ) and Osmany Porto de Oliveira (CEBRAP/Unifesp), moderated by Adrian Gurza Lavalle (USP)