May 10


Discussion session ds
Discussions from ongoing research or reflections of experts, without a paper presentation.

Presentation of papers pp
Table with presentation of papers with research findings.

Dialogues d 
Discussion between the academic experts and technicians (governmental and
non-governmental) engaged on the practical activities of policy diffusion.

Brazilian Centre of Analysis and Planning
Rua Morgado de Mateus, 615 – Vila Mariana

9h00-10h30   Social Participation and Policy Diffusion pp
Moderator Adrian Gurza Lavalle
   The diffusion of digital instruments for social participation
Gabriela De Brelaz (EPPEN-Unifesp)

                           The diffusion of transparency policies in Brazil
                           Vanessa Rodrigues (IESP/UERJ)

                           International Organizations and the diffusion of Participatory Budgeting
                           Osmany Porto de Oliveira (CEBRAP/Unifesp)

10h30-12h00   Politics of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America pp
Moderator Denílson Bandeira Coelho (University of Brasilia)

                          Paradigms of development and dissemination of policies: local roots of                                 the creation of the Bolsa Família Program.
Cristiane Kerches (EACH-USP Leste)

                           What explains the diffusion of CTP in Latin America? The epistemic
                           communities and its influence in Chile and Ecuador
Cecilia Osorio Gonnet (Universidad Alberto Hurtado)

                           The role of the Ministry of Social Development in Programs of
                           Cash Transfer
Maria Clara Oliveira (DCP-USP/CEM)

12h00-13h30   Lunch

13h30-15h00   Challenges of policy transfer and international cooperation PP
Moderator Vera Schattan Coelho

                           From policy transfer to mutual learning? Political recognition, power and
                           process in the emerging landscape of international development
Alex Shankland and Jennifer Constantine (IDS –  University of Sussex)

                           International social protection policy transfer: emerging issues for
                           Brazilian South-South cooperation
Melissa Pomeroy, Bianca Suyama (Articulação Sul)

                           South-South Brazilian Cooperation analysed in ligth of policy
                           transfer theory
Maria do Carmo Rebouças (University of Brasilia)

                           Policy diffusion within the Global South: Brazil’s support for
                           pharmaceutical production in Mozambique
Danilo Marcondes de Souza Neto (University of Cambridge)

15h00-15h30   Coffee Break

15h3017h30   Policy diffusion research: where we are going? pp
Moderator Osmany Porto de Oliveira (CEBRAP/Unifesp)

                           Bounded Rationality and Policy Diffusion
Kurt Weyland (University of Texas in Austin)                           

                           Dynamics and paths to the “Latino-americanization” of social policy:
                           three waves of diffusion in comparative perspective
Carlos Aurélio Pimenta de Faria (Puc-Minas)