May 11


Discussion session ds
Discussions from ongoing research or reflections of experts, without a paper presentation.

Presentation of papers pp
Table with presentation of papers with research findings.

Dialogues d 
Discussion between the academic experts and technicians (governmental and
non-governmental) engaged on the practical activities of policy diffusion.

MAY 11
Brazilian Centre of Analysis and Planning
Rua Morgado de Mateus, 615 – Vila Mariana

9h00-11h00     International Institutions and Policy Diffusion pp
Moderator Cecilia Osorio

                           The Politics of Monetary Policy Diffusion in Brazil, 1808-2014
Kurt Mettenheim (FGV-EAESP)

                           Transforming Public Policies in the Global Arena. The Inter-American
                           Development Bank and the Changing Definition of Violence
Nordin Lazreg (Université de Montréal)

                           Localization and subsidiarity: in a search of a comparative model for
                           transnational norms dynamics
Gustavo Macedo (DCP-USP)

                           The influence of international organizations on public administration:                                  the dissemination of ideas in a globalized world
                           Filomena Siqueira e Silva (Ação Educativa/FGV)

Auditório Unifesp – Campus Osasco
Angélica, 100 – Jd. das Flores, Osasco – SP

Policy transfer research and international cooperation practice:
is there space for mutual learning?

14h00-14h30 Luciana Onusic e Julio Cesar Costa: Opening Session

Policy diffusion from a national level d
                           Moderator Professor Unifesp

                           Milton Rondó Filho, Ministro, Coordenador-Geral de Cooperação                                                   Humanitária e Combate à Fome (CGFome/Ministério das Relações                                                 Exteriores)

                           Marcos Lopes, Assessor de Programas de Cooperação Humanitária
                           Internacional da Organização das Nações Unidas para Alimentação
                           e Agricultura (FAO)

                           Karen Fernandez Costa (Unifesp)

                           Carlos Aurélio Pimenta de Faria (Puc-Minas)

16h00-16h30  Cafézinho

16h30-18h30   Closing: Subnational governments and Policy Diffusion d
Moderator Professor Unifesp

                           Fernando Santomauro – International Relations Coordinator (Guarulhos
                           City Hall)

                           Luciano Jurcovichi Costa – International Relations Coordinator (Osasco City                                Hall)                 

                           Jennifer Constantine – (Institute of Development Studies/University of                                       Sussex)

                           Gabriela de Brelàz (Unifesp)

18h30                Concluding remarks: Osmany Porto de Oliveira (CEBRAP/Unifesp)