The book launch will take place on the 16th of May 2018 at the Green Place Hotel at 19:15.

Publishers and authors will be given a table to exhibit and autograph their recent publications (handbooks, books, journal special issues and other materials) on the topic of the conference in a Book Launch event, with drinks provided by the organization. Throughout the Conference, works launched on the first day will be displayed for the participants during the coffee breaks.

International Publishers who are unable to send a representative to the Conference can mail one copy of the books on the topic of the Conference alongside any other material, as a discount flyer or catalogues. The organization will provide a proper space to showcase the books and the material until the last day of the conference. As it will not be possible to return the books, we kindly ask that the Publishers donate the copy to the Laboppi/Unifesp Library.

Since there will be limited places for the book launch, we ask you to confirm your participation as soon as possible by registering on our platform by Monday 23 April 2018.


How to participate

  1. Access our platform. If you do not have a Facebook profile, you can click on sign up


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.57.21

2. Select your country, insert your name and email, and create your password. Brazilian participants will be able to use the platform in Portuguese. Other nationalities will access the system in English.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.04.41

3. Please choose one of the following categories of registration:

  • G1. Book Launch-Southern Authors: R$70 + donation of one or more books​ to the library of Laboppi/Unifesp
  • G2. Book Launch-Northern Authors: R$280  + donation of one or more books​ to the library of Laboppi/Unifesp
  • H1. Book Launch-Southern Publishers: R$ 150 + donation of one or more​ books to the library of Laboppi/Unifesp
  • H2. Book Launch-Northern Publishers: R$ 600 + donation of one or more books to the library of Laboppi/Unifesp

Please note that unfortunately registrations to the event are nonrefundable in case of cancellation.

4. We also require that you send the following information to the email with the subject BOOK LAUNCH:

  • Title of the work;
  • Author(s);
  • Full address, contact name, email, phone, mobile phone;
  • A short curriculum of each author or organizer;
  • Summary of the work (minimum of 100 and maximum of 400 words);
  • Up to 5 keywords;
  • A JPG image with good resolution;
  • Publisher’s information (address, contact name, e-mail, telephone);
  • The indication of the person who will be responsible for the presentation of the work in the conference (if applicable).

5. In order to allow us time to organize the room where the book launch will take place, we ask you to plan the delivery of the publications to the following address by the 9th of May 2018:

Osmany Porto de Oliveira – International Conference PDDC

Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning – CEBRAP

Morgado de Mateus, 615

Vila Mariana, São Paulo – SP


CEP 04015-051

Authors attending the event can bring their books on the first day of the Conference.

For further questions please contact: