Global Platform of International Public Policies

Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Comparative Policy Analysis

Edited by B. Guy Peters, Maurice Falk Professor of Government, University of Pittsburgh, US and Guillaume Fontaine, Senior Researcher, Head of the Comparative Policy Lab, FLACSO, Ecuador

This timely Handbook offers a wide-ranging examination of contemporary comparative policy analysis (CPA), advancing the understanding of methodology in the study of comparative public policies, and broadening the array of methods and techniques deployed by scholars in the field.

Internationally acclaimed contributors overcome the current concentration on quantitative techniques, engaging with a more conscious and comprehensive selection of methods to improve the quality of CPA. Providing an overview of the major theoretical issues currently under discussion in CPA and the methodological shift in social sciences, this Handbook argues for the utilization of a range of alternative approaches to maximize the utility of the research.

Far-reaching and comprehensive, this Handbook offers an insightful overview of methods for researchers of CPA looking to broaden their methodological repertoire. It will also be useful for students of public policy and the social sciences in need of a guide to contemporary research methods and applications.  

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