Global Platform of International Public Policies

Shaping Policy Agendas

David Dolowitz (University de Liverpool), Romuald Normand (University de Strasbourg) and myself (Edward Elgar)
Shaping Policy

SHAPING POLICY AGENDAS. The Micro-Politics of Economic International Organizations


This book investigates the strategic importance of the production and dissemination of expertise in the activities of the international organizations (IOs) that have come to symbolize the dominance of the Western political and economic order. The significant role contemporary IOs play in transferring policy models of public action in turn relates -and this is one of the assumptions of the book, to the power and legitimacy economic and financial IOs have gained since the late 1980s.

Analyzing these IOs as semi-autonomous policy agenda shapers, chapters explore how they use economic frameworks to build and interpret the ?problems? and ?solutions? of wider, non-economic policy domains. Far from overestimating the margin to manoeuvre of these intergovernemental institutions, the book shows that the power (or vulnerability) of IOs does not depend solely on hard power resources or mechanisms, but also on their position in the international field of expertise and their ability to develop authoritative or “consensual” knowledge.

Examining a diverse range of policy domains, such as education, global care chains, chemical safety, and participatory development, this book analyzes the knowledge authority of economic IOs on a micro-political scale, revealing the routes and trajectories of international power.

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