Professor Christopher Walker at International Conference on Policy Diffusion and Development Cooperation

Interview with Professor Christopher Walker

Laboppi introduces Christopher Walker, the head of the School of Social Sciences. His research interests are in the areas of policy analysis, regulatory reform and compliance. His PhD examined regulatory reform in the Australian truck industry. Chris has held senior executive and political positions in various public sector agencies, including Health, Road Transport, Rail Safety, and the Government Office, and has extensive experience in policy development, intergovernmental relations, and microeconomic and regulatory reforms. Areas of research interest include the role of regulation as a policy tool of governments, regulation of the Australian heavy vehicle industry, intergovernmental relations, federalism, regulatory reform, public sector management, and public sector reform. Chris has a keen interest and extensive experience in road transport regulation, compliance and enforcement systems, as well as health policy and healthcare reform. Chris interacts regularly and advises government agencies involved in road transport in Australia and internationally. This included Sweden, South Africa and the Netherlands.

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This interview is part of the training and dissemination activities of international public policy actions, promoted by the International Conference of Policy Diffusion and Development Cooperation, held by the Federal University of S?o Paulo in conjunction with Laboppi, S?o Paulo, May 16-19, 2018.

The interview was conducted by Douglas Moreira Costa and Marina Vilas Boas Talietta, International Relations students at the Federal University of S?o Paulo, Campus Osasco.

The edition was made by Beatriz Terrim de Ara?jo Sanchez, researcher fellow of the International Public Policy Laboratory (Laboppi) and International Relations graduate student at the Federal University of S?o Paulo, Campus Osasco.

Prof. Osmany Porto

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