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ISPD: Politics of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America


This is video is part of the International Seminar on Policy Diffusion, organized at the Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning, in São Paulo, Brazil – May 9-11/2016.

Panel 5: Politics of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America

Moderator Carlos Aurélio Pimenta de Faria (Puc-Minas) min 0:00

Paradigms of development and dissemination of policies: local roots of Bolsa Família Program creation

Cristiane Kerches (EACH-USP Leste) min 0:54

What explains the diffusion of CTP in Latin America? The epistemic
communities and its influence in Chile and Ecuador

Cecilia Osorio Gonnet (Universidad Alberto Hurtado) 15:10

The role of the Ministry of Social Development in Programs of Cash Transfer

Maria Clara Oliveira (DCP-USP/CEM) 31:00

About the event:

The purpose of the International Seminar on Policy Diffusion is to discuss topics in this emerging field, promoting reflection on the domestic and international circulation of ideas, models, and State institutions, in order to arrive at a better understanding of policy processes. Why do policies get diffused? Which actors are involved? Which mechanisms affect the process? In which ways does diffusion transform the state and influence the success or failure of policies?

Even though there is empirical evidence on the diffusion of political institutions in Brazil, little is known about its dynamics, causes, and effects. The intention of this Seminar is to contribute to the understanding of this phenomenon, expanding the scope of academic debate on the topic of policy diffusion. The seminar will bring together a group of keynote speakers from Latin American, North American, and European universities. In addition, it will provide space for individual presentations of selected Papers proposed by different colleagues. The results of the Seminar are to produce a book with the authors contributions, well as a video with the different sessions presentations.


Fernando Macedo

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