Global Platform of International Public Policies

From Policy Transfer to Mutual Learning?

The economic and geopolitical shifts of recent years have forced the oecd-dac member countries to offer greater recognition to the development cooperation activities.

Policy Diffusion and Translation: The Case of Health Agencies

After a discussion of the concepts of policy diffusion, policy transfer and policy convergence, we put forward the analytical potential of the translation framework.

Persuasive Practitioners and the Art of Simplification: The “Bogotá Model”

This article analyzes how Bogotá’s transport programs TransMilenio BRT and Ciclovía were learned and adopted in Guadalajara, Mexico. It proposes that the construction and...

Transfer and Learning: One Coin Two Elements

Over the past 20 years, three bodies of literature (and their numerous outgrowths) have developed relatively independently of each other: studies of transfer, studies of learning...

Comparando a mobilidade das políticas públicas

Policy mobilities as comparison

Policy mobilities as comparison: urbanization processes, repeated instances, topologies Following on from calls to reformat comparative urban methods to support global urban studies, this paper draws inspiration from...