Global Platform of International Public Policies

II International Conference on


and Development Cooperation

jan - march · 2021





General programme

11.1Regional sector-based institutions as catalysts of non-hierarchical policy diffusion: evidence from the South American regionGiovanni Agostinis
11.1The diffusion of the Family Farming Agenda during the 2000's: aspects of the Latin America region for its internationalizationJuliana Luiz
11.1The role of International Organizations in South-South Cooperation. Notes on the Uruguayan case in the XXI CenturyLorena Lamas | Carla Morasso
11.1Designing cooperation arrangements to implement Agenda 2030. A review of current progress towards SDG 17 in four countries in Latin AmericaPaúl Cisneros
11.2“Transfer within diffusion. The case of Paraguay’s adoption of components from Chile’s CCT”Cecilia Osorio
11.2Policy diffusion studies in the rural sector in Latin America.Eric Sabourin and Carolina Milhorance de Castro
11.2Policy circulation in a neoliberal setting: understanding the role of private actors and the shadow of corruption in the failure of BRT reforms.Jessica Bensa
11.2When Countries Expand Refugee Protection: Democratisation, Emigration and Policy Diffusion in Latin AmericaOmar Hammoud Gallego | Luisa Feline Freier
11.2Policy Innovation in Brazilian Municipalities: An Analysis of the Access to Information Act.Virginia Silva
22Policy transfer and state capacity: in Small Island Developing StatesCicley Dias do Sacramento | Klaus Frey
22Economic and Policy Diversifications in The Gulf Cooperation Council States: Small States, Fragmented Interests, Skilled DiplomaciesEvren Tok, Abdullah Kaya
22The Role of International Policy Transfer and Diffusion in DiplomacyNariman Farajev
22Foreign Flowers - or more fertile soil?Suzanne O'Neill
33.1Transnational Networks and the Domestic Social and Labor Policy Cycle in the European Union: A Case StudyAnna Malandrino
33.1Tracing the absence of mobilities in Johannesburg: a case of bike-share and policy mobilitiesAstrid Wood
33.1The transfer and implementation of policies relating to bus and bicycle lanes in transport, a comparative study between The Uk and the NetherlandsMiguel Loyola | Prof. John Nelson | Prof. Helena Titheridge | Prof. Wijnand Veeneman
33.2Academics in Public Office: A Study of Academic Administrative Entrepreneurs (AAEs) as Agents of Policy Transfer in Indonesia’s Administrative ReformArio Wicaksono
33.2Capacity to Policy Transfer and the Role of Individuals in post-communist countries: A case from KazakhstanDr. Aray Ilyassova-Schoenfeld
33.2The dissemination and implementation of cultural rights worldwide: from "insurrectional actors" to "programmatic actors" ? A comparison of Brazilian, French and South African casesLionel Arnaud | Julie Sarah Lourau Alves da Silva | Leslie Banks | and al.
33.2The influence of the European Central Bank on the diffusion of austere fiscal policies and the accumulation of public debt across EuropeNatalia Poiatti
33.2Knowledge battles at the World Bank: How institutional activists introduced the norm of participation into international development policyOlivier Nay
33.3School Feeding Policies: the role of Brazil in the global debate and international actionsFernanda Castilhos França de Vasconcellos | Catia Grisa
33.3The Aftermath of Brazilian HIV/AIDS policy diffusion in Mozambique: Lessons and Reflections based on Sociedade Mocambicana de Medicamentos.Maria Berta Ecija
33.3Policy Transfer and State Capacity: An IntroductionOsmany Porto de Oliveira | Natália Koga
33.3Diffusion of citizen security policies between different municipal managements in Minas GeraisRafael Lara Mazoni Andrade | Eduardo Cerqueira Batitucci
33.4Will or obligation? Policy Transfer and the role of the World Bank in the case of RN SutentávelBárbara Maia Lima Madeira Pontes
33.4Searching for an Ideological Rudiment: The Totalizing Logic of the International Monetary Fund.David Alemna
33.4When organizations borrow others’ classifications schemes: the case of the ‘developing country’ categoryDeborah Barros Leal Farias
44The travelling policemen: the Koban system and its circulation between Japan, Brazil and Central AmericaDanilo Marcondes de Souza Neto
44Militarization, citizen security, counterinsurgent order: police cooperation and the expansion of public security agenda in Latin AmericaManuela Trindade Viana
44Assessing defense cooperation in South America: How did the South American Defense Council act?Thales Leonardo de Carvalho
44Policy mobilities and the development of security policies in a Brazilian city: Exploring the rise and fall of ‘Pact for Life’ in Recife Trevor Jones | Mozart Fazito
44Overlapping agency in the security sector reform of Haiti? An analysis of key actors and processesJoão Fernando Finazzi
55.1Assessing the Validity of the Documental Analysis of Transnational Networks as a Tool to Understand Policy TransferAnna Malandrino
55.1Allocation Biases in Global Programmes: The Applicability of the Actor-Network Theory in Policy Diffusion StudiesLaura Rahm
55.1Policy Advisory Networks: The Global Dimension?Leslie Pal | Jennifer Spence
55.1The determinants of predisposition for the participatory policy change: stakeholder participation can contribute to change administrative burden in social security policy?Vanessa de Souza Fraga | Silvia Maria Vale Mendes Camões
55.2Understanding Policy Transfer Through Social Network AnalysisDr Christopher Walker and Alex Moulis
55.2Policy Diffusion Through the Twitterverse: Does More Data Give Us More Insight? Revisiting Arctic Development Twitter NetworksJennifer Spence
55.2Do we know how it works? Social Network Analysis on the understanding of academics and transport authorities on policy transfer of Sustainable transportMiguel Loyola | Prof. John Nelson | Prof. Helena Titheridge | Prof. Wijnand Veeneman
55.2Language Communities and DiffusionZachary Elkins
66.1Diasporas as Agents of Policy Diffusion: An Analytical FrameworkHelge Jörgens
66.1Causal mechanisms in the analysis of transnational social policy dynamics. Evidence from the Global SouthJohanna Kuhlmann | Tobias ten Brink
66.1Influence of ILO Conventions on the Historical Development of Maternity Leave Policy in the World from 1884 until 2018Son
66.2British colonial development assistance: coercion, emulation, learning, or competition?Amanda Shriwise
66.2Political and social psychology in decision-making process: An analysis of Israeli politicsKarina Stange Calandrin
66.2The ‘Double Translation’ of Social Protection Policy: From Agencies to Agents to ActorsStephen Devereux | Anna Wolkenhauer
77.1Adjustment to domestic change: The World Bank and the transfer of National Vocational Qualifications to ChinaArmin Müller
77.1Social Protection as Nation building – The Timor-Leste caseDaniel Carolo
77.1Coercion or Learning? Policy Transfer of Social Policy in South KoreaKim, Won Sub | Jeon, Se-Hoon
77.2Community governance with Chinese characteristics: an analysis of concept diffusion and translationGiulia C. Romano
77.2What does the Policy Formulation Process of East Lantau Metropolis and Lantau Tomorrow Vision Policy Imply Hong Kong Policy StylePoon Tsz Fung
77.2Reconsidering the Policy Diffusion Pattern in China: A QCA Study on the Determinants, Combined Path and Formation Mechanism of Policy OutbreakYang Zhi | Wei Shu
77.2The Health Insurance and the Urbanization of Rural Migrants in ChinaLijian Qin, Professor, Hong Chen, Associate Professor
88.1Politics of Translation of the Climate Adaptation Agenda in Brazil and ColombiaCarolina Milhorance | Fanny Howland | Eric Sabourin | Jean-François Le-Coq
88.1A conceptual review of terminologies designating influential policy actors in global governanceLara Gautier
88.1The various lives of policy transfer. Iterations in the diffusion of Conditional Cash Transfers and Participatory Budgeting.Michelle Morais de Sá e Silva, The University of Oklahoma | Osmany Porto de Oliveira, Universidade Federal de São Paulo
88.2Influence of ILO Conventions on the Historical Development of Maternity Protection Policy in the World from 1884 until 2018Keonhi Son
88.2International secretariats as translators. The production of a “common language” on the state administration in the OECD-PUMA (Public management Directorate).MAGDALENA HADJIISKY
88.2Translators and translation: the role of the Pacific Forum Secretariat as policy broker between small islands developing states and the region’s leading donor, Australia.Suzanne O'Neill
99Streams of international norms incorporation: Analysis of the diffusion of policies to end violence against women in Maria da Penha Law processARAI, Claudia
99Reconciling ideas? Universal Basic Income proposal as a boosting idea for cash transfers.Leandro Teodoro Ferreira | Fernando José Gomes Freitas | Fábio Domingues Waltenberg | Roberta Mendes e Costa
99The Crisis of Inequality in South Africa and Brazil: Making Sense of Transformative Social PolicyMadalitso
99How do ‘alternative’ transport policies travel over space and time? Exploring the variegated transfer and circulation of fare-free public transport.Wojciech Kębłowski
9Ideas and Policy Change. An analysis of the redesign of Portuguese social benefits during the Adjustment PeriodMaria Clara Oliveira
1212.1Under urban resilience models: New or strengthened hegemonies hidden by sustainable discourses rules?Juliette Marin
1212.1Governance for fragmented cities: Policy diffusions on metropolitan areas management in Latin AmericaDiego Silva Ardila
1212.1Urban policy transfer and power relations: What does the construction of Brazilian ideas and practices as references say about the geopolitics of urban diplomacy?Roberta Sakai
1212.1Urban Security Initiatives: Militarization, Human Security, and Policy DiffusionStacey L Hunt
12.1Public policies to address impacts of Uber and Airbnb platforms in PortugalHolz, Sheila | Oliveira Filho, João Telmo | Allegretti, Giovanni
1212.2Transfer, diffusion and circulation of public housing policies in Cape Verde: “Programa Casa para Todos - Habitar CV”Ana Mafalda Rodrigues | Giovanni Allegretti
1212.2Knowledge dynamics and politics in city-to-city cooperation: The case of Mentoring on Upgrading Informal Settlements partnershipCamila Saraiva
1212.2Inbetween the Local and the National: Scaling up Participatory Policies in Brazilian StatesCarla Bezerra
1212.2From the favela to the world? The floundered attempts to forge a Southern based consensus over slum upgrading in the IBSA Human Settlements Working GroupJulia Bittencourt
1313.1Brazilian Cooperation in Africa: Portuguese-Speaking African Countries and the Cooperation Projects Diffusion (1995-2014)David Beltrão Simons Tavares de Albuquerque
1313.1Brazil's Development Cooperation with Africa: Is There any Solidarity Left?Hazal Melike Çoban
1313.1Overlapping agency in the security sector reform of Haiti? An analysis of key actors and processesJoão Fernando Finazzi
1313.2Reorientations in Brazilian foreign policy (2016-2019) and their impacts on the diffusion of social policiesAndré Pimentel Ferreira Leão
1313.2Alternative development or Augmented Washington Consensus? An analysis of the development strategies of Germany and the European UnionGeorge Mardini
1313.2The Brazilian International Development Cooperation as a Foreign Policy Instrument: the Political Economy of Brazilian Technical CooperationLaerte Apolinário Júnior
1313.2The order in "balance": an analysis of the relationship between development, international cooperation and the climate change agenda in BrazilLeonildes Nazar Chaves
1414.1Contested Diffusion in the Global Health System: the EU-Brazil dispute over access to medicinesCarolina Salgado
1414.1Assynchronicity of the Climate Change RegimeDouglas de Castro
1414.1Between Growth and Protection The Limits of Multilateral Development Banks in Hindering Carbon EmissionsVinicius Guilherme Rodrigues Vieira | Anastassia V. Obydenkova
1414.2Democracy Diffusion through Laws: A Case Study on the UN Peacebuilding CommissionKarin Esposito
1414.2Southern African Development Community (SADC): Regional Integration and DevelopmentKelly Cristine Oliveira Meiras
1414.2The United Nations and the mainstreaming of South-South Cooperation in policy transfer and development cooperationPatrícia Nogueira Rinaldi
1414.2Regulatory Governance and Agencies’ Human Resources Policies: A Comparative AnalysisShashwat Kumar | Jacint Jordana
1515Affirmative action for Brazilian graduate education and the diffusion of models among schoolsAnna Carolina Venturini
1515Time for the Parliament? The diffusion of the Mandatory Budget for parliamentary amendments in the Brazilian states.Júlia Alves Marinho Rodrigues | Bárbara Maia Lima Madeira Pontes
1515Countering International Terrorism Financing: the case of BrazilMariana Bernussi
1515How does the circulation of actors and ideas contribute to policy design and implementation? An analysis of Brazil's Social Assistance System and Bolsa Família ProgramRenata Mirandola Bichir | Maria Clara Oliveira | Kellen Gutierres
1616Determinants of Elite Support for Drug Legalization in Latin AmericaAsbel Bohigues | Xavier Fernández-i-Marín
1616Global Health and Regional Integration: policy diffusion within the South American response to the Zika virus EmergencyFlávia Thedim Costa Bueno
1616Taxing The Rich And The Powerful: A Comparative Exercise Based On Policies To Combat Tax Evasion In Three Latin American CountriesFlorencia Lorenzo
1616Making Cities Plan: The Case of Mexico in Latin America's Urban Planning "Evolution"Paavo Monkkonen and Paloma Giottonini
PosterInternationalization of Public Policies: an analysis of the transference of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program from Brazil to Peru (JUNTOS)Beatriz Sanchez
PosterCirculation of public policies in Colombia during the international sanitary emergency on Zika congenital syndromeCamila Correa da Costa
PosterPublic Policy Diffusion: An analysis of conditioned income transfer programs from Brazil and the Dominican Republic.Derick Ruas
PosterInternalization of Public Polices: Analysis of the transfer of Nutritional Food Security from Brazil to Peru.Giovanna Vaz
PosterPolicy diffusion in the field of Nutritional Food Security: a study case on Brazil and UruguayJúlia Bernardes R. Batista
PosterLand Value Capture in Porto Alegre: public policy formulation in light of policy diffusionMarcela Ávila
PosterFood and Nutrition Security in Dominican RepublicMariana Caruso Capella

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