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Overlapping agency in the security sector reform of Haiti? An analysis of key actors and processes

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From the earliest multilateral international interventions in the 1990s to the most recent peace operation beginning in 2017 (Minujusth), the security sector reform (SSR) of Haiti have been object of a wide range of international state and non-state actors. Among the state actors, the predominant role that the US has played since the intervention of 1994, together with Canada and France, stands out. Notwithstanding, since 2004 Minustah has inaugurated a significant engagement of southern actors, specially Brazilian military and police, both in managing the political crisis and providing training and armaments to the Haitian security forces. On the other hand, SSR in Haiti presents important non-state actors such as NGOs and private security companies, whether in efforts of drawing up plans jointly with the Haitian government, in the daily execution of property and personal security or even in providing aid from a strategic perspective. This internationalized effort, although extensive, continues not receiving due attention in the International Relations and International Security fields of enquiry. From a historical perspective, we intend to map and present the main actors and processes that make up the international architecture of SSR in Haiti.

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