Global Platform of International Public Policies

ICPD and Development Cooperation: Alex Shankland

This video is part of the International Conference on Policy Diffusion and Development Cooperation, organized by the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) in conjunction with...

Interview with Professor Leslie Pal

Interview with Professor Leslie Pal Laboppi introduces Leslie Pal whose research uniquely engages public administration and public policy from both a rich theoretical as well as...

Interview with Professor Christopher Walker

Laboppi introduces Christopher Walker, the head of the School of Social Sciences. His research interests are in the areas of policy analysis, regulatory reform and compliance. His...




Policy diffusion and development cooperation are two intrinsically intertwined fields of research. However, each research area has followed a specific path.


The purpose of the I International Seminar on Policy Diffusion was to discuss topics in this emerging field, promoting reflection on the domestic and international circulation of ideas.