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Policy mobilities as comparison

Policy mobilities as comparison: urbanization processes, repeated instances, topologies Following on from calls to reformat comparative urban methods to support global urban...

Persuasive Practitioners and the Art of Simplification: The “Bogotá Model”

This article analyzes how Bogotá’s transport programs TransMilenio BRT and Ciclovía were learned and adopted in Guadalajara, Mexico. It proposes that the construction and...

The field of policy diffusion: where are we?

This is video is part of the International Seminar on Policy Diffusion, organized at the Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning, in São Paulo, Brazil – May 9-11/2016.

Difusion of cycling policy in the city of São Paulo: resistance, support and the role of the media

São Paulo is a megalopolis with a pattern of occupation marked by the prominence of the automobile.

Imitation or coercion? State constitutions and federative centralization in Brazil

The Brazilian states’ constitutions emulate the Federal Constitution, mimicking its structure and reproducing its norms word for word.

A pesquisa sobre a transferência de políticas e a prática da cooperação internacional

A pesquisa sobre a transferência de políticas e a prática da cooperação internacional: existe espaço para o aprendizado mútuo?

Research Traditions and the State of the Discipline in Brazil

The purpose of this article, that introduces the dossier titled “Policy Transfer, Diffusion and Circulation”.



The purpose of the I International Seminar on Policy Diffusion was to discuss topics in this emerging field, promoting reflection on the domestic and international circulation of ideas.