Global Platform of International Public Policies

Persuasive Practitioners and the Art of Simplification: The “Bogotá Model”

This article analyzes how Bogotá’s transport programs TransMilenio BRT and Ciclovía were learned and adopted in Guadalajara, Mexico. It proposes that the construction and...

Internacionalização de Políticas Públicas ou Políticas Públicas Internacionais?

Entrevista com Carlos Aurelio Pimenta de Faria, realizada em Belo Horizonte, 01 de Setembro de 2016.

ISPD: Social Participation and Policy Diffusion

Panel 4: “Social Participation and Policy Diffusion”

Workshop in Brasilia

O workshop envolve dois dias de trabalho conjunto entre convidados da academia, gestores, funcionários de ONGs e Organismos Internacionais e ativistas, envolvidos com ações de...

New frontiers and directions in policy transfer, diffusion and circulation research

The purpose of this article, that introduces the dossier titled “Policy Transfer, Diffusion and Circulation”, is, firstly, to present a simple and synthetic map of the field of...

ISPD: Policy transfer and international cooperation challenges

Panel 6: “Challenges of policy transfer and international cooperation”

From Policy Transfer to Mutual Learning?

The economic and geopolitical shifts of recent years have forced the oecd-dac member countries to offer greater recognition to the development cooperation activities.

Difusion of cycling policy in the city of São Paulo: resistance, support and the role of the media

São Paulo is a megalopolis with a pattern of occupation marked by the prominence of the automobile.



The purpose of the I International Seminar on Policy Diffusion was to discuss topics in this emerging field, promoting reflection on the domestic and international circulation of ideas.