Everyone who is listed on the programme and wishes to attend the conference in person needs to register.

Unfortunately, there is no financial aid available. The International Conference on Policy Diffusion and Development Cooperation does not offer any travel grants and/or registration fee waivers.

How to register

You can register and submit your work here

If you do not have a Facebook profile, you can create an account by clicking on ‘cadastre-se’. The next window will appear in English. We are working to fix this issue, apologies for the inconvenience.


Registration fees

A1. Standard-Southern Countries (Profissionais dos Países do Sul):

– 15 February 2018: R$ 250,00
– 31 March 2018: R$ 350,00
– During the event: R$ 450,00

A2. Standard-Northern Countries (Profissionais dos Países do Norte)

– 15 February 2018: R$ 1.000,00/€250.00
– 31 March 2018: R$ 1.400,00/€350.00
– During the event: R$ 1.800,00/€450.00

B1. Graduate Students-Southern Countries (Estudantes de Pós-Graduação dos Países do Sul)

– 15 February 2018: R$ 150,00
– 31 March 2018: R$ 250,00
– During the event: R$ 350,00

B2. Graduate Students-Northern Countries (Estudantes de Pós-graduação dos Países do Norte)

– 15 February 2018: R$ 600,00/€150.00
– 31 March 2018: R$ 1.000,00/€250.00
– During the event: R$ 1.400,00/€350.00

C. Undergraduate Students-Northern and Southern Countries (Estudantes de Graduação dos Países do Norte e do Sul)

– 15 February 2018: R$ 50,00/€12.50
– 31 March 2018: R$ 75,00/€18.75
– During the event: R$ 100,00/€25.00

D. Undergraduate Students from Federal University of Sao Paulo (Unifesp) and other public universities

– 31 March 2018: Free registration. Subject to the presentation of ID card.

E. Attendees without Presentation-Southern Countries (Participantes sem Apresentação-Países do Sul)

– Before the event R$ 150,00
– During the event: R$ 250,00

F. Attendees without Presentation-Northern Countries (Participantes sem Apresentação-Países do Norte)

– Before the event R$ 250,00
– During the event: R$ 350,00

The fee includes attendance at the International Conference on Policy Diffusion and Development Cooperation, Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 May 2018.


The North–South divide is broadly considered a socio-economic and political divide.

Global North: include the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and developed parts of Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand, which are not actually located in the Northern Hemisphere but share similar economic characteristics as other northern countries.

Global South:  The Global South is made up of Africa, Latin America, and developing Asia including the Middle East.



Bookings for this event are non-refundable.